texts (selection))

        "Bounce > Towards an Aesthetic of a 'Movement'/ Naar een esthetica van een 'beweging'"

            in: Bounce>Rotterdam, Manitoba, Canada 1995, p. 86-89.

§         General info: Plugin

§         Text (English & Dutch) about an artists-in-residence project in Canada and contemporary art theory.

        "De taal van de vrouwelijke lust. Over de onmogelijke opgave van  Elfriede Jelinek"

            ("The Language of Woman's Lust. About the Impossible Task of Elfriede Jelinek")

            in: Mba Kajere #1, 1996, p. 47-50.

§         Text (Dutch) about the Austrian writer, her a-pornografic novel Lust and the influence of Georges Bataille's philosophy.

        "Chimerical Shiftings (or an initiation to mythomania)/ Chimerische gestalten (of een aanzet tot mythomanie)"

            in: Mba Kajere #2, autumn 1996, p. 80-84.

§         Text (English & Dutch) about shifting identities, gender, the Chimera and cyborgs...

        "Safe Harbour. Een hedendaags reisverhaal"

            ("Safe Harbour. A contemporary travelogue")

            in: R'96, de nieuwe verleiding, Rotterdam 1997, p. 4-11.

§         Text (Dutch) about a digital media installation of Canadian artist Stacey Spiegel and Conrads novel Heart of Darkness.

        "O and Lukas Vandenabeele's recent work/en het recente werk van Lukas Vandenabeele"

            in: Lucas Vandenabeele, Koninklijk Museum voor Schone Kunsten (ICC),

            Antwerpen 1997, Belgie , p. 12-25. 

§         Text (English & Dutch) about the work of Belgian visual artist Lukas Vandenabeele, Marquis de Sade and Japan.

        "Fables of a Technological Era"

            in Circa, technology suplement, Dublin,  Ireland, winter 1999, s10-11

§         Text (fragment, English) about an interdisciplinary art project in the Rotterdam zoo.

        "Dan Oki. Gene Pool"

            Split, Croatia, 2000

§         Text (fragment, English & Croatian) about the work of Croatian digital media artist Dan Oki.

        "Initiators of Incidents, kunst van de openbare ruimte"

           ("Initiators of Incidents, Art of Public Space")

            in: Interakta V, Rotterdam, 2002 (Dutch) about other concepts about art practises at not-institutionalized locations.

§         General info: Center for Philosophy and Art(CFK), Erasmus University


concept and editing

        Mark Manders Self-portrait in a surrounding Area (on the occasion of 24th Bienal de São Paulo),

            cat. in English and Brazilian-portuguese version.

            (In collaboration with Saskia Bos, director of De Appel,Amsterdam)



Publications CELL - Initiators of Incidents -

Concept (including titles & selection of artists), editing and texts (unless mentioned otherwise)

        Catalogue: SYNC

            CELLdivision release 001/pub 001, Rotterdam,1998

     (a project with 20 video art works of Japanese and Dutch artists in the foyer of a cinema: a collaboration with Japanese curators)

§         Website: SYNC

§         Text catalogue (English & Dutch)


             90422TYT176.clash!picmeup* for Clash! exhibition, 1988

            (joint venture with The Somniloguy Institute for exhibition 'Clash! Artist's Initiatives' at the Kunsthal Rotterdam: a manipulated public phone line)      

        Cd-rom: TUNNELVISION

            CELLdivision release 002/cdrom 001, R'dam, 1998

            (performances - of Maryanne Amacher a/o - and media installations in the pedestrian/bike pathway within the Maastunnel, Rotterdam)

§         Website: TUNNELVISION

        Cd-rom: Fables of a Technological Era

            CELLdivision release 003/cdrom 002, Rotterdam, 1999

            (project in zoo about the influence of contemporary technological innovations on relationship between people and animals: Eduardo Kac a/o)

§         Website: FABLES

        Booklet/mini-cd: re-CONSTRUCTIONS

            CELLdivision release 004/cd 001,  Rotterdam, 1999

            (foundations of closed down pop venue in The Hague were literally shaken in this project with contributions of Mark Bain and Blixa Bargeld a/o)

§         Website:: re CONSTRUCTIONS

        Multiple: INTRACORP

            CELLdivision release 005/pub 002, R'dam, 1999

           (art and media exhibition inside the visiting day centre of a Rotterdam hospital)

§         Website: INTRACORP

        Webpublication: PROTOCOLLISION

  , 2000

           (a virtual space created on WWW with the deliberate intention to challenge existing protocols of Internet. 5 Dutch and 5 Japanese web artists)

§         Website: PROTOCOLLISION

        Newspapers: HOMEPORT

           CELLdivision release 006/pub003,

            R'dam, Mumbai,  Shanghai, Djakarta,  Capetown, Havana, 2001

           (a journey along six harbour towns: Havana, Rotterdam, Shanghai, Mumbai, Jakarta, Cape Town. Local artists reflect on life in their own cities)

§         Website: HOMEPORT

names entioned)

                * title by Somniloqui Institute